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*Details below refer to the Hawaii’s Targeted & Emerging Industries Reported dated December 2016.
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 Industry Report Scope

Performance Map Framework


Development of Hawaii’s key creative activities is a valuable economic development strategy. Hawaii’s cultural diversity and its Hawaiian host culture are major attractions for millions of visitors and their spending. The uniqueness of Hawaii’s creative, artistic and cultural content helps Hawaii’s creative products compete in worldwide markets. Additionally, the creative industries and their workforce are key sources of ideas, content and talent for Hawaii’s emerging technology sector.

Hawaii’s Creative Industries Metrics:
  • Creative sectors total 51,485 jobs in Hawaii for 2016
  • Generated $3.3 billion GDP in 2015 representing 4.2% of state total GDP (*Data from Hawaii’s Creative Economy Report dated April 2016)
  • Average annual earnings $46,959 in 2016
  • Average Annual Job growth rate at 1.1% over the 2006-2016 period
Hawaii’s Creative Industries Goals:
  • Establish policies to support creative media infrastructure development.
  • Develop cross platform collaborations with film, music, tech and new media industries to advance sector growth.
  • Increase sector growth through programs and strategic partnerships that expand creative export.
  • Expand business development activities around existing events in music, film, culture and new media.
  • Establish creative lab accelerators to develop creative/tech companies.
  • Establish a  creative media fund to support Hawaii based content development across multiple disciplines and platforms.
  • Manage statutory programs which support film industry developments.
  • Leverage tourism marketing resources to advance broadcast, web and mobile channels showcasing Hawaii’s creative clusters.
  • Position Hawaii as the hub for cultural creative in the pacific economy.