The Hawaii Island Resident and Creative Lab Hawaii – Writers Immersive Program Fellow Has Additionally Optioned “Victorian Christmas” to a Major Production Company

HONOLULU – The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) congratulates Creative Lab Hawaii (CLH) Writer’s Immersive Program Fellow Amy Bircher on her work-for-hire screenplay, “Delivering Christmas,” which is set to debut as a TV “mini movie” on Lifetime on Sunday, Dec. 3. Another major production company has also optioned her “Victorian Christmas” script, furthering momentum for her writing trajectory in Hollywood.

“I am deeply grateful to the State of Hawaii, DBEDT/Creative Industries Division’s Creative Lab Hawaii program and the fellows in the 2017 Writers Immersive for providing support and empowering creativity. I treasure the advice, knowledge, and relationships gained,” said Amy Bircher. “My participation in the program led to the opportunity to write, ‘Delivering Christmas,’ for Hybrid, LLC—a truly special experience as they have produced many of my favorite movies, including one which inspired me to become a screenwriter.”

“It is exciting to see what talented individuals like Amy can achieve through their experience with Creative Lab Hawaii’s Immersive Programs,” said DBEDT Director Luis P. Salaveria. “These projects are reaching a worldwide platform and audience, reinforcing Hawaii’s position as a hub for developing compelling content for the entertainment industry.”

Raised on Hue Hue Ranch on the Big Island, Amy Bircher’s passion for reading evolved into a love for writing. After college, she worked as a Business Relationship Manager and Private Banking Officer before starting Kona Lavender Farm. Amy applied for a spot in CLH’s 2017 Writers Immersive Program, which offers writers a track to develop new content for motion pictures and television, while learning how to navigate the business. Opening connections to the creative industries, CLH fosters opportunities for Program Fellows to help bring their projects to market.

“We are thrilled to offer creative entrepreneurs – writers, producers, musicians and more – a chance to have their voices contribute to the industry, and to come equipped with the right tools to monetize their work,” said Georja Skinner, chief officer of DBEDT’s Creative Industries Division and founder of CLH.

Further showcasing the various Immersives CLH offers across the creative industries, CLH will be holding a Meet & Greet in Hilo – Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Na Leo TV studios. Amy Bircher will share some of her experiences at the event with future participants as an example of the program’s many success stories.

“Our Fellows are continuing to impress and make waves throughout the industry, said Michael Palmieri, executive director, CLH. “With ‘Delivering Christmas’ soon to air, and three other projects already optioned from our current Writers Immersive cohort alone, we couldn’t be more proud of the quality of work that is being produced.”

“A year ago, this was only a dream and Creative Lab Hawaii helped make it real,” adds Bircher. “I encourage anyone who aspires to work in a creative industry to apply to this amazing program.”

The World Premiere of “Delivering Christmas” will air at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime on Sunday, Dec. 3, starring Jessica Morris and Jason-Shane Scott.

The synopsis follows:
A handsome but lonely mailman, Tom, has a crush on Lauren, a single mom on his route who has never noticed him. Yet Lauren has little time for romance or Christmas cheer this holiday season after the recent passing of her mother. Unsure of how to revive her mother’s spirits, Sofia—Lauren’s young daughter—seeks the advice of their mailman, who helps by delivering meaningful and nostalgic gifts to Lauren that remedy her melancholy. Ultimately, he succeeds in both granting the little girl’s wish in making her mother happy, and his own wish of spending Christmas Eve dinner with both of them.

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Supported by State of Hawaii Legislators and U.S. Department of Commerce (EDA), Economic Development Administration, CLH Strategic partners include: the Writers Guild of America, West, the Producers Guild of America, and International Game Developers Association. The program is sponsored by The Modern Honolulu, Kauai Marriot and SpeediShuttle/Arthur’s Limousine.

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