From Variety: “As of the last few years, it seems like every positive development in the film industry has been followed by a new hurdle to clear. 

“Super Mario Bros.” and “Barbie” signaled real opportunity for new franchises after major superhero franchises overstayed their welcome. But dual Hollywood strikes struck films from their release dates, with many still catching up on their shoot dates. Exhibitors are also contending with an audience accustomed to getting more content than ever on streaming. 

How well the film industry is faring against these issues is the subject of Variety Intelligence Platform’s latest special report. Featuring exclusive data from Luminate Film & TV, “Film Industry Hurdles 2024” dives into the theatrical, streaming, awards and festival landscapes to identify what strategies are working and which companies are in rougher shape as Hollywood and the Big Tech players try to make the most of a complex, challenging era of the film market.”

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