Fellowships and Paid Gigs with Warner Bros, CBS and More

Deadlines are soon approaching! Follow the links below and apply!


CBS Writers Mentoring Program

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st


Warner Bros. TeIevision Writers’ Workshop

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st


Walt Disney TeIevision Writing Program

FELLOWSHIP – Apply by June 5th


Seeking Contained Features With Limited Cast Size

PAID: [Upfront – Option or Sale / Back end – To be Negotiated]


Edgy Late Teen/Early Twenties Drama Pilots Wanted

PAID: [Payment up front and back end]


Seeking Comedy/ Family Comedy/ Buddy Comedy Scripts

PAID: [WGA minimums, option or sale (Union & non-union writers will qualify)]


Seeking Action-Comedies With Hilarious, Original, Fresh Characters.

PAID: [Option or sale based on WGA Minimums (non-union writers accepted)