Design & Culinary Arts


Hawaiʻi has a growing and evolving fashion industry that is fast becoming a destination for the global fashion community.   In the islands, established local brands collaborate with emerging designers and homegrown talent to proudly represent Hawaiʻi on the international fashion stage.

The State is also host to events such as Hawaiʻi Fashion Month (HFM), a series of events, including the Governor’s Fashion Awards, taking place in October 2013. HFM is a celebration promoting Hawaiʻi as a unique, creative and progressive fashion destination that comprises design, manufacturing, retail, art, and education.  Organizations such as the Hawaiʻi Fashion Incubator (HIFI), a membership-based organization is also working to further strengthen fashion’s place in Hawai‘i’s economic and cultural identity through community-building and alliances with education, economic development, the arts, and tourism.  HIFI provides a central hub where members of the community can interact, collaborate, and collectively drive the local fashion industry forward.


Hawaiʻi has established a reputation for being one of the world’s top visitor destinations. Consequently, its architects have also become globally recognized for their expertise in hospitality and resort design. Hawaiʻi architects are renowned for a culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly approach to design, that best serves the community with respect to incorporating natural landscapes. When it comes to designing for tropical climates and island environments, Hawaiʻi’s designers are leading the way.

The Aloha state offers a wide variety of architectural design services, which are exported worldwide, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Hawaiʻi’s architects were among the first wave of designers to export their services to China when the country began opening up in the early ‘80s. Some of Hawaiʻi’s architects played a role in designing world-class hotels and resorts in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, School of Architecture has the only nationally accredited Doctor of Architecture program in the country. It’s also one of the few American schools that focus on architectural design with an Asia Pacific focus.

To find out more about Hawaiʻi’s architectural community contact, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Honolulu Chapter.

Graphic Design

Hawaiʻi is home to naturally creative graphic designers known for their ability to communicate visually in innovative ways. Their beautiful designs stand out on everything from logos and brochures, to colorful packaging, signage and multi-media.

Island designers have found creative ways to incorporate their cultural awareness into unique designs for Hawaiʻi and other parts of the world. Hawaiʻi’s geographic position as a bridge between East and West has provided Hawaiʻi’s graphic designers the advantage of working on projects such as a 2008 Olympic Games stamp to commemorate the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Culinary Arts

In addition to taking in the sun and surf, many come to Hawaiʻi to enjoy its delicious Island food which offers the best of the East and West. Thanks to Hawaiʻi’s rich, multicultural heritage, food lovers are drawn to the unique blend of flavors you’ll only find here in paradise. Hawaiʻi offers a myriad of culinary delight that run the gamut from fine dining to traditional Hawaiian lūʻau or a tasty plate lunch.

As Hawaiʻi’s cuisine has evolved over the years, it has developed an international reputation. Hawaiʻi Regional Cuisine–a concept that grew out of the work of a dozen local chefs who pioneered an exciting new cuisine, by combining Hawaiʻi’s freshest ingredients in creative and innovative ways.

Island chefs have gone on to become national and international celebrities, hosting their own cooking shows on local and national TV. A new generation of chefs from all over the world and Hawaiʻi are now training at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific, offered through the University of Hawaiʻi community college system.

Each week, you can discover a variety of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and produced products at Farmers’ Markets held statewide.