Literary Arts & Publishing

Home to one of the most vibrant regional publishing scenes in the United States, Hawai`i has become a gathering place for international literature from across the Pacific.  The local body of writers, editors, poets, storytellers, and illustrators that make up the literary arts landscape in Hawai`i help spur economic development by contributing their short stories, novels, poetry, and plays.  Combined with applied design, film, visual art, interactive media, and performing arts & music, Hawaii’s creative industries represent $3.3 billion of the State’s GDP* as of 2014.  Moreover, the creative sector’s collective impact includes 49,403 local jobs, which is a positive growth rate of nearly 11.1% since 2004. 

*Data taken from Hawaii’s Creative Economy Report – 2015


The literary arts showcases Hawaii’s unique blend of influences through the written word.  Homegrown events, awards, and publications support the literary arts ecosystem including several examples below.  A comprehensive list of arts organizations can be found on the Creative Industries Division’s Resources page.

Hawaii Book and Publishers Association LogoHawaii Book & Music Festival LogoHawaii Book Publishers Association – A nonprofit whose purpose is to promote book publishing in Hawai`i.  It sponsors the Ka Palapala Po`okela Awards program, which recognizes the best in Hawai`i book publishing.

Hawaii Book and Music Festival – An annual convening, which brings together acclaimed literary and entertainment artists to help aspiring authors hone their craft.

Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal – the only publication staffed by Native Hawaiians, featuring strictly Native Hawaiian writers.


The Creative Industries Division (CID) is the State’s lead agency focused on strengthening, advocating, and accelerating the growth of Hawaii’s creative clusters.  As the business advocate for Hawaii’s culture and arts sector, CID supports initiatives, policy, and infrastructure to expand the capacity of Hawaii’s creative entrepreneurs.

Since its inception in 2003, CID has directly contributed to the following outcomes and projects pertaining to the literary arts:

Creative Lab In fall 2013 the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) produced the HIFF Creative Lab Screenwriters Panels and Workshops and the Sound x Vision Panels and Workshops to support creative content development for global export.

Writers Accelerator – Under the umbrella of Creative Lab, this four-day, immersive program for writers in motion pictures, television, and broadband (web series) was designed to empower writers to take their stories and craft to the next level via one-on-one and small group coaching.

Development of a Mobile Phone App – Hawaii Book & Music Festival, in conjunction with PassTheProjects Co. developed a mobile phone app that provides up-to-date information related to Hawaii’s literary/publishing and music industries in hopes that it will generate additional revenue streams for Hawaii’s authors and musicians.

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