Non-profit From the Heart Productions has established a Documentarian Emergency Relief Fund for documentary producers and directors facing “dire financial emergencies” during these difficult economic times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. From the Heart Productions, which supports filmmakers with unique projects that contribute to society, created the Documentarian Emergency Relief Fund to provide monetary assistance to ...

This video, distributed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), gives details for eligibility, requirements and details to apply. The webinar recording is now available on SBA’s YouTube channel at For more information on this program, visit or email [email protected] with your questions (please include topic in the subject line).

Creative Industries Division has kicked off its 2020 Creative Lab Hawaii (CLH) programs and Creative Lab Music Immersive with a full lineup of public panel discussions, weekend ideations, and their week-long immersive “boot camps”. This year, we have expanded our programs to include indigenous storytelling, acting and playwriting. These programs are specifically designed to give ...
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Here’s a breakdown of the employment and financial impact of the Creative Industries in Hawaii, and why this sector of the economy is so important to our community. Hawaii Arts Impact

Here’s the most recent report from the Brookings Institute of the impacts of Covid-19 on the US creative economy. The number are startling, and as a community, we have to support each other now more than ever. Brookingsmetro_Covid19-and-creative-economy_Finale

Follow the link to register for some very interesting discussions about space, the future of space exploration and the science behind making it happen. Registration is free to the public. Guest speakers, their bios and accomplishments are all noted on the WiSE website (below).

Deadlines are soon approaching! Follow the links below and apply!   CBS Writers Mentoring Program FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st   Warner Bros. TeIevision Writers’ Workshop FELLOWSHIP – Apply by May 31st   Walt Disney TeIevision Writing Program FELLOWSHIP – Apply by June 5th   Seeking Contained Features With Limited Cast Size PAID: ...
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Please click the link and participate in the survey. The information collected is intended to benefit the ecosystem that we work in. Impact Survey – Email PDF Version (ENLARGED Click Here Hyperlink) V2

Hawaii Green Growth sent out a survey to gather input from statewide network partners on near-term to medium-to-long-term COVID-19 sustainable recovery strategies. This survey will be used to compile recommendations, including a list of potential projects, to help inform the network’s action and various Hawai‘i economic recovery and policy discussions.

The State of Hawaii’s Unemployment Insurance system has been revamped to include the acceptance and processing of bonafide self-employed, 1099 and project/gig economy claims for employees who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. These claims are covered by the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, covered under the CARES Act. –To learn more about the ...
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